Our Services

Short list of services:
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Laptop - Repairs

• LCD screen repair
• Charging port/jack repair
• Broken LCD panel hinge(s)
• Liquid spill damage
• Cracks/chips/cosmetic
• More…
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Desktop - Repairs

• Power supply replace/upgrade
• RAM/CPU upgrade
• Migration to Solid State Drive
• Upgrade Hard Drive storage capacity
• Data recovery
• Network attached storage
• Cooling system upgrade
• More…
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Windows - Repairs

• Virus, malware, trojan removal
• Blue or black screen of death
• Repair/Safe mode/Boot looping
• Complete Windows tune up
• 1 hour *Quick tune
• Windows rollback
• More…
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Our Story

Our Story

From the kitchen table to a 10 x 14 converted garage....
To a small 900sq ft warehouse...
To a slightly larger 1000sq ft store front...
Today a 1200sq ft office space
...but never moved off the block.
IRDSI, south of Olive, north of Belmont, in the lower Tower District

The Team

Trust - Honor - Loyalty
Words we believe in...
Words we live by...
Mr. J. M.
Mr. J. M.
Founder & CEO & Lead Tech