IRDSI LLC, an internet and personal computer technology company

Based in Fresno California, we are an internet information and personal computer repair company providing low cost repairs for servers, desktops, laptops, tablets and peripherials.

We specialize as experts in the following:
PC repair – software and hardware
Upgrades/Updates – software and hardware
Removal – Malware, virus, trojan and spyware
Custom built – designed and built to your specifications
Hosting services – web, email, database, digital signage, your hardware or ours
Data recovery – deleted files, directories or partitions to hard drive failure
Backup solutions – personal, business, online, self-hosted, offsite

Don’t see what you need? Call today (559) 892-1703

Our company is dedicated to offering the most honest, friendly, reliable expert service and professional support for personal computers available. More than 20 years computer and electronics service experience, we are on the cutting edge of current technologies. Lowering computer repair costs is our business.

IRDSI LLC – your trusted local resource

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